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“Collection of good articles, debates on issues in the Indymedia community Needs to be coordinated effort. Put up info on these projects on Indy and ask for input. Wiki’s to be set up for those interested in working on Indy book and organiser. Link will be sent around.” (Aotearoa Indymedia Conference May 2009)




smush will do


Kanaky continue the struggle against Capitalism and Colonisation

G20 riot trial begins for anarchist in Melbourne

The Ruatoki valley blazes as Tuhoe stands tall

Stopping Climate Change in its Tracks

Tongan activist rams gate of King's Auckland Residency

Water bombs for Kerry P. - Protest against the 'Bypass' in Wellington

Twenty years of protest at Waihopai Spybase

East Timor: Iraq on our doorstep

On the Eve of a Free Trade Area of the Pacific – Occupation, neo-colonialism and enclosure

Blackball 08 — 100 Years On

“Let the people decide” - An interview with Tongan activist E.Zekiel

Solid Energy Gets Coal for Christmas

Police attack anti-prison demonstrators in Kaikohe

Police brutality 19/3/05 Auckland my complaint re: officer 6711


  • Lockout 2006
  • 2003 anti-war
  • 15th October 2007 (Asher)
  • History of W1)ndy, Wellington Indymedia Publication (Ken and Kieran) * Stories 2002-03 e.g. Bypass, Woomera detention camp 2002, May Day 2002/Stagecraft occupation, Ngawha Prison protests, GE Free protests, Who owns the media?, Te Papa protests Oct. 2002, WTO Sydney November 2002, Iraq War protests, US embassy weapons inspectors, International day of protest Feb. 2003, GATS, May Day 2003, Peace camp, G8 summit in Evian, France, Atrocities in Aceh, WTO in Cancun, Vivisection protests in Christchurch, Alt-WTO conference, Anti-GE actions and tent city at parliament, Oceania Indymedia forms, Gaza occupation, Te Papa protest Nov. 2003, Anarchist tea party Dec. 2003
  • Save Happy Valley
  • Spies in our midst: Somali, Ryan, Rob, the SIS, the SIG etc etc
  • Foreshore and seabed hikoi (Cam B has awesome photos)
  • Open rescues

2006 Lebanon war. Solidarity in NZ. 2003 Indonesian Embassy spy at Aceh community dinner

General Reflection/Commentary

What does indymedia mean to me? Why did I get involved? What keeps me going? What's good - what's bad? etc.



Rebel Press have agreed to do the printing. They can print A3 black/white.


One Wellington activist has offered, another maybe. (smush liaising)

Who is working on this project?

  • smush (writing and organising logistics)
  • ken (writing, editing, proofing)
  • val (layout, writing?)


NOW - get all the content!
15 September - start subedit
30 September - start layout
30 October - finish layout
15 November - finish printing


  • Freedom Shop
  • Unity Books (Wellington)
  • Online
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