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Drupal Development

Live Site

Available here:

Phase One is complete. Aotearoa Indymedia is now running Drupal on it's live site.

At this stage our priority is to sort out any glitches on the live site.

Live Site - User feedback

Links Pages
Kerry says: Bluntman lamented the lack of a links page
I had a quick look and came up with this module that should work quite nicely:

Quick reply box
Was decided at conference to do away with this feature to try and dissuade trolls

Comment Numbering
Add number of comments (read/unread) to newswire links
Torrance replied to this and is continuing to look into a solution
Torrance says: logged in users will see a little 'plus' sign on newswire articles that have unread comments.

Links to newswire
Adding a link to the newswire from individual articles
Torrance has added a dropdown menu to local and international newswires at top of page
Disabled in IE7 as it breaks

Locality for events
Showing the location of upcoming events
Kerry replied and suggested adding the location into the title as an interim fix until geeks get onto fixing
Torrance says: This is already present, only not displayed on the front page. I'm reluctant to add it to the front page for aesthetic reasons.

Development Site

Available here:

Once any teething problems on the live site have been resolved, we will continue developing new features on the development site, and transferring these across to the live site as they become ready.

IRC Channel


'Rich Text' explanation
This is missing at

Taxonomy pages broken
Not properly themed, displaying hidden content.
Torrance says: no essay way to customise re: hidden content, can't apply views. Will probably disable entirely, as feature is duplicated using filters on newswire, etc. pages.
Solved: For now, the links have been removed using a preg_replace function in indyclassic's template.php

Calendar Views Block not filtering properly
The time filter is not working - it should be filtering out events that have already happened. It's set up the same way as the calendar pages filter which works, only that the calendar pages filter is exposed. When the calendar block filter is exposed, it appears to work as expected. I wonder if this is a DateAPI/Views bug?
Solved: Was a bug in DateAPI. Upgraded to -dev version.

Captcha Not Displaying
The Captcha image does not display after having incorrectly submitted a Captcha on a form.
Doubly broken: Not appearing on the article form page anymore, despite being set in the settings.
Solved: Upgraded to -dev version. Appears to have been caused by improper white spaces in *other* modules.

Pages Loading Unbearably Slowly After Dada Import
Assigned to db-wizard John Anderson, who is going to work on it this Sunday (2009/6/7).
Solved with a single index. ^_^

Relative URLs are appearing in our RSS feeds
This means that when our content is displayed on other sites (eg the links are broken

Hidden Comments are not hidden from search engines
Hidden comments on pages are only visually hidden. They're still in the page content where search engines will find them. Can we make these load via ajax perhaps?

Hidden nodes are not hidden from search engines
Hidden pages should be served with meta tags telling robots not to index them.
Torrance says: !!Page Not Found pages are also being indexed by SE. FIXED: Added a little bit of code to customerror

Gallery Page not displaying all posts with images
Can't work out why yet.

Calendar block not styled properly on hidden comments page
It's an easy fix, just needed to remind myself.

Browser Support

No known problems.

No known problems.

No known problems.

No known problems.

Internet Explorer
IE 5.5: Broken. Status: Won't fix.
IE 6: PNGs alpha channels not displaying. Need to convert to GIFs on the conditional stylesheet.
Multiple images in thickbox do not align properly.
IE 7+: No known problems.


High priority tickets are pre-launch targets. Feature parity with the current website is our minimal aim for launching.

High Priority

Editor Privileges :: Smush
Give editors the 'powers' to see all comments and articles listed (like with the current software) to make editing easier.

Photo Fields :: Andrew
For uploading photos in an easy manner.
Andrew says: ImageField Module is nice for upload. Thickbox works nicely out of the box for displaying the images on one post.
Mostly completed. Want a way to place the first image at the top left of the article and the teaser.
Bug: Fails on some image names, ie. names with % in them. (fixed with Transliteration module)

Photo Gallery :: Torrance
For gathering all the images attached to articles or nodes, and displaying them in a central gallery.
Rudimentary views set up.

Development Theme :: Torrance
A simple theme based on the current Indymedia theme to hold us over until we get some decent design skills.
Mostly completed: will be in need of periodic updating as new site features are added.

Full Views Setup :: Torrance
Full setup of the plethora of views across the site: newswire, articles and features pages, hidden content, etc. etc. Had to disable the pager on recent comments view for performance. might be other similar issues with calculating how many pages there are.

Dada Migration Module :: Torrance
Migrating the Dada database to Drupal.
Torrance says: In need of a major re-write. Changes include: rejection of nodecomment in favour of trad. Drupal comments; use of flags to hide, rather than unpublish functionality; different media system; added taxonomy of local/international.
Requires: a full test run and thorough check on the main website.

Hidden Articles/Comments Functionality :: Torrance
A process for hiding articles and comments by editors
Solved using Flags and a theme hack.

Roles :: Kerry
Adding admins, editors, normal users, and non-registered roles.
We've got 'Webmaster' and 'Editor' roles. Partially configured, but needs careful attention shortly before going live.

Taxonomy :: Torrance
Adding existing categories. Done.

Feature Article Process :: Torrance
The modules required to allow for the 'voting' on articles to make them features.
Solved using flags.

Cron Job :: Not assigned
This is done with drush, not with wget.

Razorwire :: Torrance
Dada's Razorwire functionality providing periodic front-page notifications.

Content Types :: Torrance
Appropriate setup of content types: features, articles, other press, etc.
Outstanding issue: Other press links are not automatically turned into links. Fixed using CCK Links module (duh). ;)

Captcha :: Not assigned
CAPTCHA is in place
Spam module should be added.

Rich Text Editor :: Not assigned
For simple editing of articles.
Torrance says: currently using jWYSIWYG for its simplicity and clean look.*
Torrance says: switched to TinyMCE since jWYSIWYG is broken. Additional benefit is that it has <!–break–> integration already.

Comment Disabling :: Andrew
Automatically changing nodes to disable commenting after 2 or 3 weeks, to stop spam.
Rudimentary module installed. Doesn't check for active nodes, eg. if comments have been made in last week.

AIMC Pages :: Torrance & Smush
The boring and tedious job of copying across all the AIMC pages (eg. ed policy, how to use this site, etc.) and properly marking them up.
Kerry says: Do we really need a wiki as well as the pages system that drupal provides?

Calendar :: Torrance
A calendaring system for upcoming events, etc.
Kerry says: I feel the eds would like this to be prioritised, I will try and find some time to work on it.
Most likely module seems to be Drupal's Calendar module - Needs PHP5.2 or above.

Publish Page Created :: Torrance
A customised content creation page, complete with descriptions of each content type, etc.

Print Page :: Not assigned
Torrance says: I would prefer simply a properly styled print.css file, rather than a whole module.

Inline Image System (?) :: Not assigned
I'm thinking of implementing this only for editors. Everyone else can happily use Thickbox. For feature summaries, it doesn't seem very effective to upload images, post, copy&paste 150px thumbnail image location, re-edit, place image. And who wants to see stock photos in the media gallery? Maybe they should have their own repository of stupid photos used only for feature thumbs.
Torrance says: I've closed this, since the file-upload option can be used to uploading images that aren't meant to be catalogued in the image gallery.

Author Name Changing :: Torrance
Allow both anonymous and registered users to change their posting names from the default ('anonymous' and their username, respectively).
Currently working on anonymous comments only.
Torrance says: moved to high priority, as some sort of implementation is required for dada migration.
Customname module for articles., Oceania, etc. Integration :: Andrew
Re-link up our feature feed to the Oceania IMC, to, and anyone else that tracks our features.
IMC-Sydney uses drupal to provide feeds to oceania, so oceania is unlikely to have much trouble with our feed.
Andrew talked to pabs and got Oceania directed at the right URL. Pabs also fixed a date handling issue that was preventing either our feeds or Syndey IMC feeds being displayed.
We still have a problem with relative URLs in the html of our feeds, including the images. Sydney has the same problem.
We should probably provide a browser redirect from the old feed URL to the new one. Who's using it?

Error Page :: Not assigned
404 errors, for example, are resulting in an empty page. At least re-direct back to the front page.
Once we have a search engine, the Search404 module provides a good way to handle 404 errors.
Currently using the customerror module.

Identify what old URLs exist that we need to alias to new pages :: Andrew
Torrance says: The migration module takes care of this for all articles and features. I think the only urls that may need aliasing are the fixed pages, though I'm not sure how important they are.
Andrew says: I've collected some data from the logs on Whats Used On The Old Site.
Torrance says: can I close this ticket?

Spam module :: Torrance
Either the drupal spam module, which has problems last time we tested it, or Mollom which sends away IP information.
Currently using Mollom - though with the ip_address() functions blanked.

Automatically turn off comments on hidden articles :: Torrance
Heading says it all.
Torrance says: will be part of my Indymedia Flags module.

Handle Robots Properly :: Torrance
Append NOFOLLOW and NOINDEX meta tags to hidden pages, pages listing hidden material, and page-not-found pages.
Torrance says: will be part of Indymedia Integration module.
Handled in Indymedia_Integration, except for 404 and 403 errors, which is handled in the customerror code.

Audio Captcha :: Not assigned
An absolute must to allow for proper accessibility.
Comes with Mollom.

Medium Priority

Te Reo Translation :: Not assigned
Would require translation modules, etc., as well as the actual translation.

Taxonomy Change :: Not assigned
Possibility of cleaning up options, removing ambiguous choices and duplications, adding clearer choices, etc.
Would need wider discussion.

Theme :: Not assigned
A flash new theme, possibly departing from the current general feel of Indy.
May be tasked to a web design student, or someone with very good web design skills.

Ajaxify the Hidden Comments functionality :: Not assigned
Apparently having the hidden comments loading automatically (but hidden from display) on a page puts us in bad stead with Google. Develop a mechanism that pulls in hidden comments into a page only on request using AJAX or similar.

Hidden Article/Comment Reasons :: Torrance
Incorporate reasons into hidden flags, ie. “policy violation” etc.
Torrance says: will be part of my Indymedia Flags module. I'm wondering whether this is worth the effort.

Information Library Cleanup :: Not assigned
Purge, clean, update, and rewrite the documents in the 'Information Library'. Much is embarrassingly out of date, and broken links are everywhere.

Integration of Editorial Tools into Admin Section :: Torrance
Allow hidden flags to be viewable/filterable in the admin/content sections including editors who modded content, and allow for flagging for comments (already enabled for nodes) directly from here. Create new menu for listing proposed features. Allow for veto-ing of features.
Torrance says: will be part of my Indymedia Flags module.
Torrance says: Done, except I could get the filtering working in node/comment/node without hacking core.

Low Priority

Ticker :: Not assigned

Advanced Search Functionality :: Andrew
Search functionality possibly based on Apachesolr or Sphinx.

Video Streaming :: Kerry
Self-explanatory. Would have to talk with AXXS crew about bandwidth issues regarding this.
Kerry says: We talked at the conference about the possibility of creating a A-IMC youtube account and pulling video content from there. Just looked on Drupal's modules section and there's a module to upload videos to youtube I know it's down on the priority list but I'm keen to work on this. I'll create a test site on my server and have a play
Video Upload
Drupal module search for youtube
Recipe for creating a feed of Youtube Videos

Blogs & RSS :: Not assigned
Pulling in blog feeds from and other blogs to display on

Exif Cleaning :: Not assigned
Deleting extra information attached to uploaded photos for security.
Andrew says: It's currently easy enough to clean out exif data in files already uploaded. (reportedly “mogrify -strip *.jpg” works)
Andrew says: copyright statements are often embedded in exif data. Do we to be selective>

Modding Options for Comments :: Not assigned
Slashdot-like modding options for registered users to moderate comments themselves.
Torrance says: this would need discussion amongst the Indy collective before going ahead
Kerry says: Slashdot style modding works well with a large community base, I feel with A-IMC's much smaller base this could lend itself to articles being artificially skewed.
Torrance says: good point. As an alternative, we could use existing modules that allow us to mod comments (though they don't do anything except total votes), so we could run a trial period and see what sort of voting patterns emerge.

Proper CSS Print Support :: Not assigned
Removing the print module, and supporting printing of pages using only stylesheets. This is the *right* way to to things.

Clean up cities list :: Not assigned
Update the indy cities list. There are a number of dead indymedia's on the list, and possibly some new ones are currently omitted.

Some Basic Resources A seriously pretty Drupal indymedia website

List of modules used on

Indymedia Scotland A drupal indymedia website. Most importantly, they have provided a Drupal profile that includes a Dada migration script, available for download here.

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